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Встреча в Праге возможна от 2х часов, дорога оплачивается отдельно (80 евро).

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Сейчас: Прага

Чехия, Европа, США

  • Возраст33
  • НациональностьЧешка
  • Вес57 кг
  • Рост171 см
  • ВолосыБлондинка
  • Размер



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    • 1 час € not ava
    • 2 часа € 500
    • 3 часа € 600
    • 6 часов € 900
    • 12 часов: € 1300
    • 24 часа: € 1800
    • 48 часов: € 2400


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Good afternoon I hope you are doing well today I have checked your prestigious agency my fair lady online and it’s looks amazing especially the only only Sandra I have been to Prague a couple of times and I love it but I haven’t been this time since 2019 , too long My name is Moe I have a business & pleasure trip to prague probably in end of June probably I was wondering if Sandra de marco is available to be seen in Praha or I have to go to Brno ?? I want to Book 6- 8 hours maybe up to 12 I hope she can do outcalls for longer session I’ will be coming from Dubai as I work there Last question if you don’t mind Does she have updated most recent 2 to 3 pictures I would really appreciate it because the ones on her profile there are older from Her shooting days I guess , I’m big fan of her sorry for asking :) Many thanks in advance Looking forward for your reply Soon Have a great day! Moe


I Love you to Date lovely Girls


Sandra was great, like the last time actually


How are you doing? I came across your email id and even though you must be getting tons of mails like this and you might not reply back but I just couldn't resist myself from writing to you! You are a rockstar, an international icon and the testament to that fact is that I am writing to you all the way from India. I think you are one of the most beautiful girls in the industry and i simply love your work. Your scenes are absolutely unbelievable and I cannot imagine how much effort and hard work you put in to make everything. I am sure you get a lot of hate mails from people who admonish you for your line of work but believe me they are complete idiots. You cannot imagine how many lives you have touched. I am sure thousands of guys and girls like me have watched your scenes and felt nothing but ecstasy and thanked you for being a screen goddess! I have cum numerous number of times watching you and i just enjoy watching you in action over and over again! I just wanted to tell you people like me would always be supporting you My best wishes to you and I hope you make it big in whatever you do.. Would be pleasantly surprised if i hear back from you because I would love to know more about you :) Cheers


Hi Barbara, It was the happiest time of my life! Sandra is a real angel! I will always remember her! If I would have to give her a note8 from 1 to 10 (where 10 is the best note), I would definitely give her a 20! Thanks for making it happen! Best regards,


she si adorable and beautiful


Thank you for organising this meeting. It was fantastic. 10/10 marks for Sandra, a wonderful escort lady. Sandra is a very classy lady and came very well prepared with a change of clothes for something more suitable for our sexy time. She was very willing to follow my ideas and wishes and was also very patient with me if I wanted to try something for a long time. Sandra was also very good to meet as a person and once we settled down she was quite open in chatting about things in her life. At the same time Sandra was very interested in me as well and was a good conversationalist all round.


dear sandra i ll be in brno beetween july 25 and july 31 will you there i would like a 2 hours appointment sweet kisses my honey jerome from france


hello sandra i am one of your best fan, i really like you in france i ll go in czech republic in july will be you be here and so we can plan reservations sweet kiss jerome


Hi, I'm coming to visit the city of Praha I want to meet with you to discuss

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